Alloy ingame

Alloy is the basic resource for crafting weapons (excluding premium weapons), armor, and cores in SAS: Zombie Assault 4, introduced on October 5th, 2015's patch. Alloy can be obtained by killing bosses and scrapping Strongboxes. The amount of alloy varies based on the level of the character/team. Receiving mass bosses in Nightmare Mode, for example, grants the same amount of alloy as it would for an equivalent single powerful boss.

Type of Strongbox Amount of alloy normally Amount of alloy in Nightmare Mode
Steel Tiny
Steel Strongbox
1 alloy 4 alloy
Titanium Tiny
Titanium Strongbox
2 alloy 8 alloy
Molybdenum Tiny
Molybdenum Strongbox
3 alloy 12 alloy
Iridium Tiny
Iridium Strongbox
4 alloy 16 alloy
Neodymium Tiny
Neodymium Strongbox
5 alloy 20 alloy
Promethium Tiny
Promethium Strongbox
6 alloy 24 alloy
Thulium Tiny
Thulium Strongbox
10 alloy 40 alloy
Nantonium Tiny
Nantonium Strongbox
20 alloy 80 alloy
Black Tiny
Black Strongbox
500 alloy 500 alloy


  • Pickup/drop sounds for alloy are shared with Grenade Crates and Turret Crates.
  • As alloy wasn't programmed properly, in any multiplayer match, only one of you has to collect the alloy for you all to get the alloy.
  • In the Alloy Contract, the reward value that you'll get no matter how many zombies you kill or how much you collect, you'll always give a value that is roughly the same as your character level, or half to roughly the same game level if played on multiplayer.

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