Augmentation Progress Rewards are part of the February 3rd, 2015 update in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. The augmentation rewards contain SAS Cash, HD Ammo, high level Strongboxes, Elite Cores, Skill Points, and even Black Strongbox Keys.

Rewards (lowest to highest)

  • Augprogress rewards

    Costs and XP required for each reward.

    3 SAS Cash Packs
  • 4 clips of HD (High Damage) Ammunition
  • 1 Black Strongbox
  • 1 Thulium Strongbox
  • 2 Nantonium Strongboxes
  • 1 Elite Augment Core
  • 3 Nantonium Strongboxes and 1 Black Strongbox
  • 1 Black Key
  • 1 Elite Augment Core and 1 Black Key
  • 2 Elite Augment Cores and 1 Black Key
  • 5 Nantonium Strongboxes, 1 Elite Augment Core, and 1 Black Key
  • 10 Nantonium Strongboxes, 1 Black Key, and 1 Skill Point
  • 2 Black Strongboxes, 2 Black Keys, and 2 Skill Points
  • 3 Elite Augmentation Cores and 5 Skill Points

Other Facts

  • The rewards are NOT account wide, so the progress from one character does not transfer to any others.
  • The more money spent on a modification, the more Augmentation Progress you will receive. The ratio of XP earned to SAS Creds spent is a 1 to 20 ratio, meaning that spending $300,000 on an augment will reward 15,000 XP and spending $20,000 on an augment will reward 1,000 XP.
  • The Assault class' Gun Mod Expert decreases both the cost, and XP gain for augmentation.
  • To get the cost of progressing with Gun Mod Expert use the following equation:
  • [XP Needed] / (1 + [Augment Bonus XP]/100 ) x 20 x (100 - [Augment Discount])/100
  • Assuming Level 25 Gun Mod Expert and leveling from 1 to 15:
  • 50 million / (1 + 250/100) x 20 x (100 - 48.26)/100
  • The total cost of progressing from rewards 1 to 15 with rank 25 Gun Mod Expert is $285,714,286, a dramatic reduction from the initial $1 billion cumulative cost without Gun Mod Expert.
  • Note: This assumes XP gained exclusively from augmenting weapons, as Gun Mod Expert bonuses does not include armor.

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