SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Map
Black Isle
SAS Soldiers at Black Aisle
Mission Description:
The village was just a damn test lab. Somebody made those flesheaters. The castle at Black Isle is at the heart of it. Get in there and torch the place.
Black Isle

Black Isle is the 5th and final map of SAS: Zombie Assault 3. It is one of the largest maps in the region, the other being Verdammtenstadt.


Although the largest, the map consists of a castle with narrow hallways with cramped rooms. The outside of the map consist of land, although it is also surrounded by water. The map also consists of 19 barricades, although they are not needed in many ways except to gain extra exp. and temporarily (sometimes not even at all) holding off Zombies.


Due to its narrow hallways and cramped rooms, it is best if the player stays outside of the map and tries to train the zombies by running around the landscape. Another best way to survive the map is by planting as much turrets as possible. Rapid-firing weapons are also good for shooting down zombies, as they spawn almost in every direction.

If a Devastator appears, try to get out of view as fast as possible as its attack has a large radius. If you are inside the castle, it may be a good idea to get outside as fast as possible, as the rooms are small and you can be trapped easily. It can be very hard (usually next to impossible) to take it down if all three of your teammates are down and you aren't properly equipped in multiplayer.

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