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  • Awesomizer

    hey nerdz

    May 18, 2017 by Awesomizer

    hey nerdz wassup

    been a bit busy with stuff and stuff yakno

    looks like some new people r frolickin around

    is anyone else back, or just gapple?

    late 2 year birthday 4 me. yey!

    looks like everything sas related is in the trash. great. 

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  • GoldenApple NB

    So you can defeat the evil.

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  • Godlike Player

    New weapon? (SomeSorta'HiveVariationLol)

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  • Godlike Player

    Put in comments worst prems

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  • ZX840

    Double Meltdown Alloy

    April 28, 2017 by ZX840

    Can those who still play the game regularly and visit this wiki often let me know when there's a x3 nm meltdown alloy bonus event going on, cause I'd like to take advantage of the alloy during those times. 

    I've stopped playing SAS4 regularly, and only play when I feel like it now, but if one of these events are on, I would like to know. 

    I believe I just missed one too. 

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  • RadioactiveH

    Well...its been a long time and i honestly dont know if anyone will reply to me. I dont think you remember me but i just wanted to ask something that has been bugging me for quite a while now. Has anything major happened to SAS 4 while i was gone. Did NK finally decide to make SAS 5 or is the game slowly dying due to the amount of people in NK not working on the game. I havent even touched my profile for a year now and heck i dont think i even want to,Mobile and Pc... So if someone can give me some info on what has been going on, ill appreceate it.

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  • GoldenApple NB

    sadly, it can't kill

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  • Ancient Donald

    Old Stats

    April 20, 2017 by Ancient Donald

    So, I was wondering if the old stats of the weapons (SAS 4) could retrieved and organized into a blog or a page... What I mean is, not the recent stats of Mixmaster (with 12 RPS), but that when it had 11 RPS and a damage around 115.
    I guess that it would be really useful for concepts and gameplay analasis.
    If that isn't possible or, has already been done, then, sorry for bother.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Bomber35

    Get a decent weapon with adaptive that has at least has 15k dps.Normal zombies in nightmare are highly resistant to physical,and bosses and zombies with the elite nightmarish modifier are 75% resistant to all forms of damage,so bringing a weapon with adaptive is highly recommended,without it you won't get far. Use HDA (high damage ammo) for boss fights.They increase your damage every mastery level.Base 25% Level 2 30% Level 3 35% Level 4 40% Level 5 50%.HDA is expensive so save it only for bossing and not for clearing.Be at least 50% resistant to all forms of damage.Titan/Guardian/Hardplate for physical,Guardian for thermal,and Medusa for chemical.Combining these pieces of armor should give 50/50/50 with a few points in BAE (body armor exp…

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  • Awfodz

    Yes, this is my 2nd blog post, admins will bear if they added badge for writing 3 blog posts. So... I want to post what kind of zombies will be lethal when zombie modifiers attained.

    • Shambler: N/A, except for noobs with only 0 Heartburn, which in this case, Apex Fiery Skin Regenerating Berserk Shamblers Elite.
    • Stalker: Apex Fiery Skin/Poisoned Limbs Berserk Extra Strong Stalkers Elite.
    • Spitter: Apex Berserk Chitinous Hide Fiery Skin Spitters Elite. Yeah, deal with it, we two got rekt in Power Out. Apex Berserk Extra Strong Acid Blood Spitters Elite.
    • Runner: Apex Extra Strong Dark Minion Berserk Runners Elite. (No, not my thought, but this one) Seemingly the 2nd hatred for me.

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  • Robbie Expired

    Hidden Files

    April 15, 2017 by Robbie Expired

    what the hell is this

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  • Dontknowanygoodusernames

    Why would anyone get the piercing aug for the Shotlite Tempest? First of all, it only gives you one more pierce, and second of all after you collect all of the black shotguns, the reward is +1 pierce on all shotguns. So, noobs, dont get piercing on a Tempest. It is just a waste of money.

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  • Ballisticyoda

    Why do you guys play medic? Do you like helping others or just self-healing?

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  • SavageNecrosis


    April 2, 2017 by SavageNecrosis

    umm... this anybody this play this game/is it still fun? haven't played this game in about a year and just read it stopped getting updates so... i don't know just checking in after a while

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  • Robbie Expired

    Note 1: These are stereotypes, meaning they usually apply, but sometimes don't

    Note 2: These are not generalized stereotypes, these are ones i made from my own experience.

    • The highest level always has a bad internet connection.
    • At least 1 person has a bad internet connection.
    • Levels 65+ never use a sidearm.
    • Levels 55-70 try to stay away from levels 35-54.
    • Level 100s will never talk in chat.
    • If everyone else is dead except for you, at least 1 person is going to say "Run"
    • An all-heavy game never ends well.
    • An all-assault game never ends well.
    • An all-medic game ends very well.
    • Don't use the "Ranked Game" button until rank 60.
    • Level 100 Heavies really love Teknoboom.
    • Level 100 Assaults really love Shotlite.
    • Medics are usually pretty nice.
    • You will never see …
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  • Godlike Player

    This can blow your mind)

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  • Robbie Expired

    A fun little tool

    March 29, 2017 by Robbie Expired

    I found a little website called, and it had a quite interesting tool. Or should i say, tools.

    It has 4 segments: Gun DPS, Armor, Prices, and Gallery.

    Check it out:

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  • Awfodz

    I am new!

    March 28, 2017 by Awfodz

    I joined this wiki 3 days ago! :3 But I feel comfort in this wiki, but don't read policies :( .

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  • Savagenecrosis86


    January 26, 2017 by Savagenecrosis86

    Im just a new wikia member :). Here is my profile.

    Leave any comments if you want :3

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    I'm not sure if you people ever saw it, but on the NK blog I made posts featuring Iron Man's Hulkbuster redesigned to look like products of the manufacturers in SAS 4. I decided to post them here as well.

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  • Awesometoot101

    rubicon and critical mass can't get stealthy & light weapons right

    only shotlite should have the ability to make stealth weapons

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  • AssaultTrooper


    December 8, 2016 by AssaultTrooper

    Why there is no Rancor or Shotlite Turrets at the game, can you give me some ideas why?

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  • AssaultTrooper

    Combot Infected

    November 30, 2016 by AssaultTrooper

    I was really curious about "How Combot Is Infected?" any ideas how?

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  • Bloonsdestroyer

    Need I say more?...

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  • Real Perfectard

    SAS 4 Private Matches

    November 25, 2016 by Real Perfectard

    So I was thinking, and I don't know if this is a thing somewhere already, but perhaps there's a way to get in contact with each other to make private matches easier? It could help people get to know the SAS community a bit more, but also make matches easier and more stable. You can get things done more, and it'd be really helpful. So maybe if you see this, or anyone does for that matter, think of some ideas on how we could let one another know if we're available for a match and stuff, you know? 

    • Any social media. Ex: Kik, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, etc.
    • Group messaging. In one of the apps mentioned. 

    This is obviously some random idea I thought of, but I think it'd be beneficial for some, MAYBE most people.

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  • Bloonsdestroyer

    You'll just have to believe me when I say that I didn't 12* aug this weapon. It has max 10* cap, but that is at 90. It only happens when I pick up HD ammo, which makes sense, except for the fact that it never happens with any other weapon. Anyone else get this glitch?

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  • Bloonsdestroyer

    Playing a bit of virus samples and...

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  • Godlike Player

    Nice weapon

    November 4, 2016 by Godlike Player

    Nice wpn)0)

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  • Bloonsdestroyer

    Someone tell me if this is fair

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  • Godlike Player

    Today new version of SAS 4 Mobile arrived!

    New prems:


    Calamity (Shotgun that shoots explosive bullets)

    Contagion (LMG That shoot explosive poison bullets)

    • - Better Than 12**** Zerfallen and 12**** Black stripper due for his DoT and damage (5011120000 Damage in one boss Lmao)
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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Good bye!

    August 31, 2016 by Gracchus Mccarthe

    Have fun, folks. I'm off to college. I'll try to drop in every so often if I can.

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  • 77coolguy
    OP :) Read more >
  • Godlike Player

    You walting new weapons?

    Write Yes or No.

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    ...of animals. :D

    If you think about it, every living thing is a child.

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  • ZX840

    These moments when...

    July 24, 2016 by ZX840

    Post your most annoying/awkward moments here. Real/Fake, doesn't matter. it's for the LoLs

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  • Pingo Penguin, the Scientist

    This blog is to inform you how to submit to me your own test weapon. i will review it and give you information. They must be applied in this way. Write in the comment section this:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Read more >
  • Pingo Penguin, the Scientist

    Let me explain... oh god.

    The Ronson 45 is the most overpowered gun in the game probably. I have a black-grade 4 star level 12 and it does 3982.5 Damage. And where to start with...? Okay. With this damage, you'd be rekking most bosses (excluding Savage bosses and somethin' like dat. I used Capacity, Overclocked, Deadly, and Pinpoint. here are the stats. May I warn you, I'm a sorta cheater.

    One of the most powerful commercially

    available hand guns. What it lacks in its

    relatively small clip size it makes up for in

    sheer stopping power.

    Damage:       3982.5

    Pierce:          6

    RPS:            19.8rps

    ClipSize:       88

    Reload Time: 0.9 sec

    Movement:    0%

    Category:      Pistol

    Damage:       Physical

    Crit:              18

    Adaptive:       0%

    Tell me in the com…

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  • GoldenApple NB

    Civ 5

    July 21, 2016 by GoldenApple NB

    cya next era

    stay Civilized. I'll board the time machine to the future

    Useful reference:
    - There's 168 hours in a week
    - There's 720 hours in 30 days
    - There's 8760 hours in a year


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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Not really S4S-related, but ih, whatever. I made these in 1-3 hours each, and they're made from 7, 8, 3, and 25 separate frames (respectively). I haven't gotten around to makng running or reloading animations for them yet.

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

    Well, here comes a big announcement.

    I'm off to college at the end of this month. I'll make the following statements so you won't have to ask. I will be attending PCC (Pensacola Christian College), my major is Computer Science and Software Engineering, and I am excited.

    I'm gonna leave this here. Yes, that mug belongs to yours truly. There's no need to call me ugly; I already know I am. :D

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  • ZX840

    Hey guys, if you have any questions/inquiries or things you think I shoud add to my list that I made and continue to update regularly, comment below. 

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  • RadioactiveH

    Before it used to be no contest,Mixmaster duh. Especially on mobile.(and only on mobile, i think) But thanks to NK, the rps went from 12 to 6. The amazing dps for even a standerd mixy was amazing. Damm you NK!.

    I retired my black mixy and tryed several other weapons, nothing was able to comapre to my "once powerfull mixy" even the great and powerfull hornet wasnt enough. I then stumbled into the ronson 55 red, A clean 10***, out of a steel box. I used to always sell this gun due to the fact of the bad reviews, well, ***** you basterds. I maxed it out, and the gun was able to kill a savage wicker in seconds. (Ags were deadly, overclocked, pinpoint, my reload was .4 seconds) Then courious i had hacked one of my profiles, cored it, and added a…

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  • JRQL

    Build Help

    July 6, 2016 by JRQL

    Hey! I'm here today to help you build your characters, because I too have experienced that moment of, "WHERE THE HECK DO I PUT MY FREAKING SKILL POINT???!?!?!" Well, that ends today, because I'm gonna be showing you how to build a character!


    First, 3 skill points should go into Adrenaline, then you can focus on other stats.

    1 into Stim Shot,

    Then 2 more into Adrenaline,

    1 into Critical Shot,

    1 into Killing Spree,

    1 into Deadly Force,

    2 into Fast Reload,

    1 into Fast Movement (in that order)

    Next 5 points go into Adrenaline, and level 10 Adrenaline should be good for you temporarily.

    Now you may need some BAE. Add 5 for now.

    Now get to 15 Adrenaline.

    Now you need to focus on Fast Movement, and a bit of Fast Reload. Add 2 to Fast Reload (so you h…

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  • ZX840

    First Necro Encounter

    July 5, 2016 by ZX840

    I'm interested to know (if you can remember) what your first encounter of a necro was like. 

    What mode you were on, if you died tragically, if it dropped a nano cause of some random miracle, anything surprising, etc. share your first necro experience here! 

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  • Godlike Player

    You like using cheats in game? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Write in comments ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Write Yes or No.   

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  • RadioactiveH

    Ive been tempted to hack my profile. I wont say with how or what, but ill mention a few apps that allow you to hack sas 4. But the big thing that is bugging me is that do you get caught or do hackers just roam. Note this is mobile version im talking about. So here is the big question.

    If i hack will NK know and immeaditly ban me, or will it take time to do it. If i do get caught, what will happen, will i no longer have access to my profile? Will i no longer be able play in MP matches and NM mode, and events. And finally if i do decide to hack, will NK find me easy like a blinking light in a dark room ( you can tell im nervous about hacking my profile).

    Thanks for commenting, i really appreacitate it, just to lower my tense.

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  • Godlike Player


    In this blog you talk about your favorite gun.

    My favorite gun is T-101 Feldhaubitz.

    You have favorite gun? Write in comments!

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe
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  • ZX840

    Strongbox NickNames

    June 19, 2016 by ZX840

    Hey guys, just wanted to make this disccusion post on the top of what nicknames you give the strongboxes in SAS4. 

    List yours below! (I will update mine as I create new ones - just cause I don't have ones for all just yet)


    1. Steels - 
    2. Titaniums - Breasts (tits is short for titaniums)
    3. Molybdinums - 
    4. Iridiums - 
    5. Neodyniums - 
    6. Promethiums - 
    7. Thuliums - Toilet Rolls (Taken from Trollium Box and mashed up)
    8. Nantoniums - Grandma Boxes (originaly Granny 'toes' nan'toes')
    9. Black Boxes - Coal Boxes (cause coal is black :P )

    Mine are bascially nicknames taken from the original word, and either scramblled into new words, or altered by the use of antonyms. 

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  • RadioactiveH

    Drop the game, uninstall it and burn it. Go to Best Buy, by a expensive computer. You dont have money, well thats too bad, there is only one thing to do.

    -being chased by cops for stealing a laptop-

    Go home, play SaS 4 desktop, and enjoy.

    Please note that im not responsable for you burning your mobile device or for being set to prsion, having a life sentence, the loss of any valuabes, and the loss of any organ parts (dont ask)

    Reason to not play mobile version. 1. Elite cores are so dam hard to get 2. The last "major" update was months ago so you can guess how often NK will update mobile 3. There will be many jerks that will leave you in nightmare if your a low level

    Other than that mobile will also give you many advantages, but im too lazy t…

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