SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- CM 401 Planet Stormer -



-BLACK- CM 401 Planet Stormer

Stormer Mobile 0218

RED CM 401 Planet Stormer-Emberiot Cropped

BLACK Stormer Mobile 0216

Manufacturer [?] Critical Mass
Ammo Cost [?] $$$ 80 for 200
$$$ 800 RED for 200
$$$ 960 Selection 004 for 200

$$$ 320 for 200
$$$ 3,200 RED for 200
$$$ 3,840 Selection 004 for 200 (Premium Ammo)

Damage/Pellet 140
280 RED
420 Selection 004
Pierce 2
Rate of Fire 10 rps
Capacity 60
Reload Time 2.4 sec
Movement -15%
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Damage Type PhysicalicoPhysical
Approx. Drop Level 9
32 RED & Selection 004
Single DPS [?] 1,400
2,800 RED
4,200 Selection 004
Pierce DPS [?] 2,800
5,600 RED
8,400 Selection 004
Augmented DPS [?] 5,600
11,200 RED
16,800 Selection 004
Crafting Cost [?] $$$ 182,400
$$$ 912,300 RED
$$$ 4,561,500 Selection 004

Alloy 364
Alloy 11,403 RED
Alloy 136,845 Selection 004

"One of the finest assault rifles available anywhere. The Planet Stormer is accurate, fast and incredibly versatile."
―Official Description

The CM 401 Planet Stormer is a fully automatic assault rifle. Its high rate of fire allows it to excel at destroying groups of zombies in early levels, though an unaugmented gun isn't particularly great among bosses. The magazine is decent considering it's an assault rifle, and a fairly small movement penalty of 15% allows for decent mobility at least, which will help with the reload of 2.4 seconds. Also, the rate of fire is a solid 10.

The Planet Stormer's main flaw is its ammo consumption. At lower levels, its 10 rps will drain your money if you're not careful.

As mentioned before, this weapon is fairly strong if it's in the right hands. While it will serve you well, once you start hitting levels beyond 50 it becomes less effective, even if you have the RED version so think about replacing it. Other than that, it's a great all-round performance rifle for mid-game players.


  • The Planet Stormer, along with the CM 505 and the Supermarine, is one of the weapons with a limited edition (Prem Planet Stormer Ltd Edition).
  • The RED version of the CM 401 Planet Stormer in PC has doesn't have red color near the telescopic sight while in the mobile has.

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