SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Turret
- CM Supernova -

Cm supernova

CM SuperNova RED

-BLACK- CM Supernova

Damage/Shot 500, 1250 RED
Rate of Fire 8 RPS
Pierce 4(?)
Ammo Capacity 600
Maximum Range 6m
Damage Type EnergyicoEnergy
Purchase Price cannot be purchased
Sell Price ????, 20000 RED
Single DPS [?] 4000, 10000 RED
"Fusion powered plasma bolts cause wide-spread devastation to any target"
―Official Description

The CM Supernova is a turret that can only be found in turret crates on the battlefield. Most players will get this turret later in the game (level 30+), though it's possible to obtain it earlier on. This turret is somewhat weak against hordes, as it has a pierce of 1. The Supernova's strong point is its longevity -- it can take down multiple zombies quickly, as it deals 4000 (10000 RED) damage per second, while having a huge ammo capacity of 600, giving it a total damage exceeding even the Ronson Mk V Flame Turret. The CM Supernova in its RED version is essentially a full-auto sniper and is great against bosses that don't have energy resistance. This turret has the highest total damage output per turret.

Due to the monstrous amount of ammo the Supernova comes with, it's best to use it to defend a large area or a choke point, such as the doors on Onslaught, anywhere on Last Stand, or even on Zombie Pods if one is farming the purge nest.


  • It is the only turret that you cannot obtain through the daily rewards.
  • When received in a turret box, the Supernova would be called the plasma turret (in mobile).
  • It will also attack the mutated pods on the mission Zombie Pods.
  • When placed, the turret will look a little like the Zombie Turrets in Power Out.
  • Before the update that removed some Pre-Mission Power-Ups, it was still unobtainable with Heavy Ordnance, which gave players all other unpurchasable turrets.
  • Before Contracts, it was impossible to have more than 4 CM Supernovas (3 from gameplay and 1 from turret mastery) but with contracts, it is now possible to farm these turrets.