You may have been looking for the Zeus Exclusion X4, a Turret in SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Turret
- CM Zeus Exclusion Zone -

CM Zeus Exclusion Zone new

CM Zeus Exclusion Zone RED new

-BLACK- CM Zeus Exclusion Zone

Damage/Shot 100
250 RED
Rate of Fire 10 RPS per turret (40 total)
Pierce 2
Ammo Capacity 1000 (for all 4 combined)
Maximum Range 6m
Damage Type PhysicalicoPhysical
Purchase Price cannot be purchased
Sell Price $800
$4,000 RED
Single DPS [?] 4,000
10,000 RED
"4 independently smart targeting MEP machine guns. The Zeus will keep a large area clear of hostiles for a long time."
―Official Description

The Zeus Exclusion Zone is a very powerful turret due to its ability to target 4 zombies at once. It is very powerful against most zombies, with each of its four guns firing at 10 RPS. It does have a low base damage of 100, but the base damage is increased to 250 after reaching rank 30, when all turrets become RED variants of themselves. Throw this on the ground and it will clean the place of weak zombies with no resistances. The Zeus is best used when trying to cover or hold down an area, making missions like Last Stand and Onslaught much easier to hold off; however, it is also excellent against bosses because all four turrets now lock onto one zombie if necessary. This high level turret is only available in crates and Daily Rewards (notably more than other turrets), and isn't purchasable in any way.

Saving these turrets against strong bosses in Nightmare Mode and Savage Necros would help out, but it's best to not waste these since these are special and aren't really good against enraged Devs and the Blue Necro Spawn, but it can still serve.




  • The turret was updated during October 2014. It was redesigned akin to its appearance in SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense, and it now has the ability to fire all four turrets at one zombie.
    • This update also gave the turret the unique ability to shoot at the eggs on Zombie Pods (as its guns are not centred on the turret's sprite) under specific placement. Previously this would render those specific guns unusable due to the properties of the eggs when destroyed, but this was fixed in a later update.
  • The CM Zeus Exclusion Zone is named after Zeus, the Greek god of lightning.
  • The CM Zeus Exclusion Zones PC version where it has four turrets being seen but the mobile version only has one turret being seen through.


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