Car Type 1

Car Type 2

Car Type 3

A Car is an object in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It can be blown up by shooting at it, but it is harder to detonate it than explosive barrels. However, it deals more damage than explosive barrels and has a very large blast radius. It is solid and cannot be pushed around. The damage is high enough to take out Shamblers, Runners, Spitters and in some cases, Shielders.

Car explosions actually deal ThermalicoThermal damage but do not deal any damage over time, and thus can kill most zombies with Chitinous Hide and chemical abilities, but will not damage Fiery Skin zombies that much.

As the damage of the explosion does not increase at higher levels, the car is more useful as a barrier than a weapon at later levels.

In the mobile version of SAS 4, zombies will ignore cars and run straight to the player, making cars excellent cover for camping and even bossing.

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