Civic Center loading

Loading screen for Civic Center.

The Civic Center is the 9th map in SAS: Zombie Assault 3, available in the North American region. It's a downloadable map for mobile devices after the player has survived the previous map, "Forsaken Asylum".



Top half of the Civic Center.

The Map consists of two barricades in the front of the lobby with a medium sized office with two barricades at the rear in the center and various storage areas with opened man hole covers that spawns most of the zombies on the sides of the map. Weapons that deal high damage or have a fast reload will be needed since enemies like the Butcher and Burrower can make quick work of players that have little ammo or have not played the map before. There is one room that can slow down some of the infected since theirs furniture formed up together into a wall, it will delay butchers but it will not delay burrowers so watch were the zombies are coming from and stay mobile when possible.

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