A total of six Contract maps exist in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Compound, Uranium Mine, Sea Lab, and Crash Site were all available when Contracts were implemented in the April 30th, 2015 update, while Space Resort was added in the May 14, 2015 update, and Highway was added in an unannounced update around the beginning of June 2015. The first contract maps from the flash version (Compound, Crash Site, Uranium Mine, and Sea Lab) were added in version 1.5 of the mobile version of SAS 4, which was released around the beginning of September 2015.




The Compound loading screen.

Compound BG

Compound background.

Compound BG mobile

Compound background (mobile).

Crash Site


The Crash Site loading screen.

Crash Site BG

Crash Site background.

Crash Site BG mobile

Crash Site background (mobile).

Uranium Mine


The Uranium Mine loading screen.

Uranium Mine BG

Uranium Mine background.

Uranium Mine BG mobile

Uranium Mine background (mobile).

Sea Lab


The Sea Lab loading screen.

Sea Lab BG

Sea Lab background.

Sea Lab BG mobile

Sea Lab background (mobile).

Space Resort

Space Resort loading

The Space Resort loading screen.

Space Resort BG

Space Resort background.


Screenshot from 2015-06-12 13-24-25

The Highway loading screen.

Highway BG

Highway background.


Some Rubicon Industries's guns are seen in Compound (Look at the right bottom corner of the map). Those includes: RIA 7, RIA 20 DSC, RIA 45 PARA. A pack of grenades can be seen too.

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