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Loading screen for Dead End.

Dead End is the 7th map in SAS: Zombie Assault 3, available in the North American region on the world map. It is a medium sized map a bit bigger than The Office, but is very narrow and still easy to get cornered; a good strategy for this map is to place sentries in a circle like formation, and stay in the middle while firing. It is the last map of Zombie Assault 3 that doesn't have to be downloaded.

This map is very cramped because it is one small map, and not divided into rooms, but rather everything leads into one place. In Apocalypse mode zombies swarm the area with no place to go. On this map heavy and fast firing weapons are of paramount importance because there is no coherent evasion tactic. The best current tactic is to be in the center with sentries on each barrier. Freeze grenades are essential. The best way to play this is on multiplayer, though the team must work together to cover each quadrant.

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