Barrel Okay

Barrel Damaged

Barrel Critical

Barrel After Explosion

Explosive Barrels are objects in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It is very easy to make them explode, but they do not do much damage, however for very early levels they can be helpful in taking down bosses, Shielders, and Bloaters. They're solid, but can be pushed around.

Explosive barrels comes in three different sizes. The larger explosive barrels deal higher damage than the smaller explosive barrels and normal sized barrels. To make the explosive barrels explode you must shoot at them or knife them. Explosive barrels are located in Onslaught, Ice Station, Last Stand, Power OutVIP and some Contract Maps. The explosive barrels in Ice Station are large sizes; they are located while the truck moves along the path. Explosive barrels are similar to cars due to their explosive properties.

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