SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- HVM 004 -

HVM 004

HVM 004 -RED-


RED HVM 004-Emberiot Cropped

Manufacturer [?] HVM
Ammo Cost [?] $$$ 80 for 100
$$$ 800 for 100 RED
$$$ 960 for 100 Selection 004

$$$ 320 for 100
$$$ 3,200 for 100 RED
$$$ 3,840 for 100 Selection 004(Premium Ammo)

Damage/Pellet 70
120 RED
180 Selection 004
Pierce 2
Pellets/shot [?] 6
Rate of Fire 10 rps
Capacity 25
Reload Time 2.4 sec
Movement -9%
Firing Mode Semi Auto
Weapon Class Shotgun
Damage Type PhysicalicoPhysical
Approx. Drop Level 1
25 RED & Selection 004
Single DPS [?] 4,200
7,200 RED
10,800 Selection 004
Pierce DPS [?] 8,400
14,400 RED
21,600 Selection 004
Augmented DPS [?] 8,400
14,400 RED
21,600 Selection 004
Crafting Cost [?] $$$ 95,080
$$$ 588,520 RED
$$$ 2,942,600 Selection 004

Alloy 190
Alloy 7,356 RED
Alloy 88,278 Selection 004

"Ideal for soft targets and room breaches, HVM 004 is a powerful and easy to use shotgun."
―SAS 4 Official Description

The HVM 004 is a medium-damage semi-auto shotgun in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It can be good for taking out weak crowds of zombies (as most shotguns are) with its multiple flechettes. It has a low damage rate due to its shotgun nature, but makes it up with a relatively quick rate of fire, if the user can click as quickly as possible. The RED HVM 004 gets its damage is increased to 120. Because the 004 can deal 420 damage to its target if all fletchettes contact, this is a surprisingly good weapon in low and even mid levels.

And when Augments take effect, it can be a very effective mobbing weapon, rivaling guns like the Hard Thorn.


HVM 004 is a futuristic semi-auto shotgun possibly based on Beneli M4 (due to its famous semi-auto firing capability) with a gunstock grip & an possible integrated flashlight / laser pointer (which looks like a pump handguard).

Difference on Mobile

Just like the rest of HVM weapons on Mobile, HVM 004 doesn't have digital camouflage (unlike in PC). The gunstock of Mobile version appears to be slightly longer & more detailed than PC's.


  • The chamber capacity of 25 rounds would be unrealistic, unless multiple chambers are placed next to one another. But then again, this is more than a millennium in the future, and it probably uses some sort of compression or nano technology.
  • The RED version of the 004 in the PC simply has stripes on the top of the weapon than the mobile that has red paint finishing most parts.