SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Armor
- HVM Carbon Fibre Gloves -

HVM Carbon Fibre Gloves

HVM Carbon-1

-BLACK- HVM Carbon Fibre Gloves

HVM Carbon Fibre Gloves

RED HVM Carbon Fibre Gloves

Base Stats
Physical Def. 35
105 RED
415 Selection 004
Thermal Def. 10
30 RED
190 Selection 004
Chemical Def. 8
25 RED
175 Selection 004
Approx. Drop Level 7
37 RED & Selection 004
"Made from carbon nanotube fibres for flexibiltiy and strength"
―Official Description

The HVM Carbon Fibre Gloves, while good looking and nice for the time period they are in, aren't the best gloves to keep when fighting hordes of zombies in Nightmare Mode. The normal version can be dumped quickly if it doesn't have Augments, and the RED/Selection 004 versions might be useful until about level 35/75 respectively. And while they work well for a while, keeping the normal set for long isn't likely to happen.


Addition of the HVM Carbon Fibre Gloves and Dragonfly Gloves in mobile.

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