SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Armor
- HVM Carbon Fibre Helmet -


HVM Carbon

-BLACK- HVM Carbon Fibre Helmet

HVM Carbon Fibre Helmet

HVM Carbon Fibre Helmet-0

Base Stats
Physical Def. 50
150 RED
550 Selection 004
Thermal Def. 25
75 RED
325 Selection 004
Chemical Def. 15
45 RED
235 Selection 004
Approx. Drop Level 4
37 RED & Selection 004
"Made from carbon nanotube fibres for flexibiltiy and strength."
―Official Description

Addition of the Shredder and HVM Carbon Fibre Helmet.

HVM Carbon Fibre is an armor set made by HVM and is a good starting armor for lower to low-mid levels and RED can last for early high levels, and the levels it can be gotten at. This armor is more basic than other sets, and the RED variant is pretty good and could work for people needing better armor than what they have.


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