Two HVM Soldiers with the HVM Captain.

HVM Soldiers are NPCs in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Friendly ones can be summoned by the Assault class as part of the Assault Team Skill, while others appear as enemies on the map Ice Station. They seem to have HVM armor pieces equipped and will always have HVM weapons.


Should an enemy HVM Soldier be killed near the front of truck on Ice Station, a glitch may occur where the body of the Soldier is pushed along, receiving the truck's ram damage. He will still be counted as a living enemy with negative health, being considered alive as it has non-0 health value, meaning turrets will still shoot at him, and he will still shoot at you and any nearby zombies as a dead body so you won't be able to stop it from killing the whole team resulting in a mission failure. This glitch can be really troublesome to low level players who have harder time dealing with them.


The soldier is in the bottom of the photo


The HVM Soldiers have a randomly selected HVM weapon, some of which may be RED versions. Those include all HVM weapons; the HVM 001, 002, 004, 005 G-Class, 008, and MPG. The HVM Captain always holds the HVM 001.


Though impossible to tell for sure, what is known about the HVM Soldiers' armor is that it is obviously armor by HVM. Also, because the second HVM set of armor (Carbon Fibre) was added to the game after Ice Station was released, it is quite possible that the HVM Soldiers have the first set of HVM armor (Kevlar). If this is indeed the case, their armor would consist of the Kevlar Helmet, Kevlar Vest, Kevlar Gloves, Kevlar Pants, and Combat Boots. Some of these may be RED versions, but again, it is impossible to know for sure nor does it make any difference.


  • The HVM Soldiers, along with the HVM Captain, are the only naturally-living human enemies in SAS 4 so far, as well as the first human enemies in the SAS series.
  • In Ice Station, if a barrier falls, the HVM Soldiers won't repair it.
  • The number of HVM soldiers increases with the player's level and in Nightmare Mode but their health seems to stay the same.
  • The HVM Soldiers are able to be affected by Cryo Grenades and Cryo Turrets, if you look closely at one that's been hit, not only will you notice them moving slowly, but you can also see an icy burn coming off of them.

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