SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Armor
- Hardplate Chest -

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Hardplate Chest RED

-BLACK- Hardplate Chest

Hardplate Chest

RED Hardplate Chest

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Base Stats
Physical Def. 400
660 RED
2,080 Selection 004
Thermal Def. 170
310 RED
1,030 Selection 004
Chemical Def. 90
190 RED
670 Selection 004
Move Speed -20% (9kg)
-35% RED & Selection 004 (15.75kg)
Approx. Drop Level 29
85 RED & Selection 004
"Resistant to penetration with a thick layer of fire retardant material. Engineered for maximum acoustic impedance to minimise blast trauma"
―Official Description

The Hardplate Chest is the heaviest armor piece of the Hardplate Series, as well the heaviest armor piece in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. As such, it is also the toughest piece of armor out there, with the Selection 004 version by itself providing nearly 90% physical defense with Fortified maxed out (12 Fortified along with a few points in Body Armor Expert can provide the full 99% physical defense)! Depending on how you play, it is semi-matched by the Heavy Trooper Vest, Titan Teslashock, and Dragonfly Vest. The Hardplate Chest has absurdly high physical defense, good thermal defense (close to the Ronson Vest), and moderate chemical defense (close to the Dragonfly Vest), along with a massive movement penalty to compensate for the defensive stats it has. If you don't care about the movement penalty, or if you are a Heavy with a lot of Skill Points in Heavy Gear, this works well for defense, bossing (with help, anyway), and mobbing anything in your way.


  • This vest has "Rubicon" written on the collar.
  • This armor piece is more like a breastplate than a vest.
  • The Heavy Trooper Vest's description says it's the only armor rated full 7 for defense against various types of attacks. As Hardplate's defense is far higher, the scale would need to be modified.
  • The RED/Selection 004 Hardplate Chest constitutes over 45% of the entire series' movement penalty.
  • This is overall the strongest armor piece in SAS 4.
    • The RED version of this vest is still weaker than a Selection 004 HVM Kevlar Vest, so defense-wise, all Selection 004 armors are better than RED armors, as long as they are a decent grade.

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