Ice Station Truck is a transport featured in the mission Ice Station in SAS 4. Originally the Truck resides in the station, serving nothing other than an obstacle. After defeating the captain of the HVM squad, you will be directed to board the truck, where you can find a loot. Afterwards, you will travel in the truck out the station, where zombies will swarm the truck. In the end, in an avalanche, the truck is destroyed and the player has to confront the boss zombie on foot.

SAS truck

The truck in the ice station

The truck has a very large amount of health, and takes a lot of zombie hits to reduce the health by one bar. The walls of the truck can withstand most attacks, but ranged attacks by Spitters, occasional Bloater hits, and Dark Minion Zombies can pass through the walls of the truck. The truck has frontal and rear attacks and can run over zombies while in reverse or forward gear. For a short time, the truck was unable to damage zombies, though the cause of this is unknown. This was likely a bug, as the truck is once again able to deal damage.

Interestingly, although Dark Minions can pass through the walls of the truck and attack the player directly, Dark Minions that pass through the front of the truck and straight into it will not attack the player until they pass out from the back.

Another note is that should there be Acid Blood or Spitter acid in the path of the truck, the player will be harmed as you pass through, until the 26 March update. However, there was a mistake in the 26/3 update where players would not be harmed by acid even if they are on foot.

Should the truck ever be destroyed before it reaches the avalanche, it will explode and all players inside will die, regardless of remaining health, and result in a mission failure. If the truck does not get hit for a little while, it will regenerate 1 bar of health roughly every 15 seconds in single player and every 7 seconds in multiplayer.

SAS moving truck

The truck travelling out the ice station. Note the new health bar for the truck, which seems similar to VIP's

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