SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Armor
- Medusa Boots -

Medusa Boots

Medusa Boots RED

-BLACK- Medusa Boots

Medusa Boots

RED Medusa Boots

Base Stats
Physical Def. 40
80 RED
340 Selection 004
Thermal Def. 30
60 RED
280 Selection 004
Chemical Def. 100
160 RED
580 Selection 004
Energy Regen 1/s
2/s RED & Selection 004
Max Energy 5
8 RED & Selection 004
Approx. Drop Level 22
75 RED & Selection 004
"Combat boots that are constructed of hardened aramid plates coated in micro basal fibres that instantly neutralize most acidic compounds on contact"
―Official Description

Addition of the Tombstone and Medusa Boots in mobile.

The Medusa Boots are the boots made by Atomic, specialized in Toxic Defense. Due to energy 2 energy per second on the red version these boots are useful for spamming medkits of the medic class.

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