SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Zombie Type
- Physical Necrosis Spawn -

Physical Necro Spawn

Savage Physical Necro Spawn

Zombie Type: Boss
Base HP: 30,000
1,200,000 (Savage)
Turn Rate: 360°/s
Melee Damage: 1400
14,000 (Savage)
Melee Delay: 1 sec
Melee Range: 2.2m
Ranged Attack Type: Teleports near to targeted player
Ranged Attack Delay: ~8 seconds
Resistances: 50% PhysicalicoPhysical
Movement Speed: 2.7m/s, 2.9m/s Savage
XP Value: 0

Physical Necrosis Spawns, called Blade Spawns in mobile and by players, are generally considered to be the most dangerous of the three Necrosis Spawns, due to their ability to teleport to players, allowing them to easily damage and possibly kill them. This arguably makes it the deadliest of the three spawns and is extremely frustrating if it is not removed quickly. On mobile it appears to teleport a lot less. It isn't uncommon on mobile to not see it teleport only once in a singleplayer game.


  • If not killed quickly enough, the Blue Spawn will usually take players down one by one, resulting in a mission failure. Since the physical spawn will teleport regardless of where you are, it is advised to use a high damage non-physical weapon such as an 1887 Shockfield or HIKS S300 to quickly kill it, allowing it to only teleport very few times if any at all.
  • Also, do not stay close to other teammates while fighting the Blue Spawn. If the Savage Spawn teleports, and you and your teammates are huddled together like penguins, it can attack all of you in one swipe.
  • Circling the spawn can confuse it. This is the best tactic dealing with it (on singleplayer), as the Savage Necrosis Spawn predetermines its location to teleport a few moments before actually teleporting.
  • Savage Elite only appears during events and on Nightmare mode, unless it is a level 400 game (4 level 100s on normal MP).
  • If you have very fast reflexes, watch out for the teleportation animation: there is a .5 second delay between the animation and the actual teleport.
  • You can't do anything to stop the teleport. No matter what, even if it's hitting you constantly, it will still teleport, but just to a different side of you (ie, if it keeps hitting you in your face, it will teleport onto your back and hit your back and vice versa). No matter what, it will teleport every couple of seconds. It will keep teleporting no matter what.

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