The Rancor Sadeye was originally planned as an upcoming weapon in SAS 4, but now exists solely as concept art of a weapon. The [Black] version of it was depicted, along with the CM X1 Furie, on the February 3rd, 2015 update banner of SAS 4. It can also be found in the game's SWF file (pictured to the right) via a flash decompiler. The gun can be identified as a Rancor weapon by the white skull near the back of the gun and the blades, both of which are traits of Rancor weapons. The drum magazine makes the gun look possibly like a grenade launcher or shotgun. Like the CM X1 Furie, RIA Trident, and technically the HIKS M1000, only the Selection 004 version exists.

This weapon does not have some of its weapon data like the ammo used, damage type, and other actual weapon data in various SWF files used by the game, therefore suggesting it is unobtainable even with hacks. Any user-made video that has claimed to have gotten or tested out the Sadeye is confirmed to be completely and utterly fake.

The art was used in promotional Championships art when a user first reached level 15 with an SAS character. However, it won't be released for Championships, as work on SAS 4 ceased in July 2017.


  • This schema has some similar features to the Russian Vepr-12 Shotgun when it is equipped with a drum magazine.
  • This gun also has a very similar handle compared to the Rancor Hotspot, as well as a similar scheme to the Shredder.
  • This weapon may have a reference to the CBU-75 Sadeye cluster bomb. This is an aerial bomb drop weighing 1.8 tons, each bomb containing 1800 one pound bomblets, and stuffed with approx. 600 razor sharp steel shards.
  • The TEMPLATE-DONT-SPAWN gun had been rumored to have its stats changed for the sake of testing out the Sadeye, since it had a similar augmenting cost and realistically comparable DPS, according to some hackers.
  • Currently, Rohan has denied any work on the project shown here: This means that any source claiming to have found the Sadeye outside of Ninja Kiwi is false. The announcement in Februrary 2017 that no more updates will be given to SAS 4 all but sealed the fate of the Rancor Sadeye; a gun never to be released and exists purely as concept art, very similar to the HIKS R40.