SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- Ronson 70 -

Ronson 70


-BLACK- Ronson 70

Ronson 70 mobile

Ronson 70 -RED- mobile

Manufacturer [?] Ronson
Ammo Cost [?] $$$ 240 for 200
$$$ 2,400 for 200 RED
$$$ 2,880 for 200 Selection 004

$$$ 960 for 200
$$$ 9,600 for 200 RED
$$$ 11,520 for 200 Selection 004(Premium Ammo)

Damage/Pellet 300
585 RED
877.5 Selection 004
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 6 rps
Capacity 150
Reload Time 2.5 sec
Movement -30%
Firing Mode Full Auto
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Damage Type EnergyicoEnergy
Approx. Drop Level 20
68 RED & Selection 004
Single DPS [?] 1,800
3,510 RED
5,265 Selection 004
Pierce DPS [?] 5,400
10,530 RED
15,795 Selection 004
Augmented DPS [?] 7,200
14,040 RED
21,060 Selection 004
Crafting Cost [?] $$$ 483,800
$$$ 1,277,520 RED
$$$ 6,387,600 Selection 004

Alloy 967
Alloy 15,969 RED
Alloy 191,628 Selection 004

"Ronson's top of the range assault rifle. Highly tuned electromechanics generate incredibly accurate and powerful plasma bolts."
―Official Description

The Ronson 70 is a full auto EnergyicoEnergy assault rifle made by Ronson.

To compare to other weapons made by Ronson, the 70 is similar to the Ronson LBM. They both have quite high damage per shot, a respectable clip size and good pierce, but they are held back by their rather low rate of fire of 6 and high movement penalties. Also, since the Ronson 70 doesn't shoot very quickly, it is a poor choice for people who play as the Heavy Class and want to use Concussion.

On its own, the Ronson 70 has its niches due to its energy damage, a rather rare damage type. Its energy damage also means that its ammo cost is quite higher than other weapons, triple the ammo cost of physical damage assault rifles. However, the 70's rather high damage per shot helps offset this higher cost somewhat.

Info of Ronson 50 and 70 in mobile

Information of Ronson 50 and Ronson 70 released in mobile.

The Ronson 70 can also shoot for excellent amounts of time. Shooting at 6 rps with 150 clip size means that it takes a whopping 25 seconds to deplete an unaugmented Ronson 70's clip. To compare, an unaugmented Mixmaster empties its clip in about 18 seconds, and an unaugmented Ronson WP Flamethrower empties its clip in about 17 seconds. The 70's rather short reload time (for its class of high-clip guns) of 2.5 seconds means that users of the Ronson 70 will be shooting almost all the time. Despite this, the Mixmaster is still an major improvement over the Ronson 70 in every way except pierce (which the Ronson 70 has one more of in standard version). Comparing the two, the Mixmaster deals more damage, reloads faster and is slightly lighter. Ammo costs the same for both.


  • The Ronson 70 in the PC version looks like an M16, whereas the one in the mobile version strongly resembles the Ronson LBM.
  • The mobile version has a stockier butt stock than the PC version.
  • The mobile version also does not have glowing points in the body, but the PC version has.