SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Turret
- Ronson Cryogenic Turret -

Ronson Cyro Turret

Ronson Cyro Turret Upgraded

-BLACK- Ronson Cryogenics Turret

Damage/Shot 50, 250 RED
Rate of Fire 1 RPS
Pierce 2m Blast Radius
Ammo Capacity 40
Maximum Range 6m
Damage Type ThermalicoThermal (but freezes zombies)
Purchase Price $2500, $12500 RED
Sell Price $500, $2500 RED

The Ronson Cryogenic Turret is an automatic turret that fires projectiles which can freeze zombies within the blast radius with the same freeze time as the cryo grenades. The turret carries 40 rounds of ammunition and is one of the three sentry guns that can be purchased. It is nice to use against huge wave of zombies since it has blast radius of 2m, but it's also good against bosses because even though it won't freeze them, it will slow them down by half speed. But do remember that unless you've got the RED version, the damage dealt per shot is lower than even the Z-2 LMP, so you may want to give it some assistance. The projectiles are essentially like a quick-moving Cryo grenade that fires once a second, does damage, and explodes on contact with zombies. Overall, it's a great turret and useful for many situations, whether it's for defense or can even be used for assault (such as against aggressive Extra Fast bosses or hordes of big zombies).


  • This turret fires the same rocket sprite fired by most rocket launchers.
  • If a zombie gets frozen, it will not thaw when ignited.

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