SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Turret
- Ronson MK V Flame Turret -



-BLACK- Ronson Mk V Flame Turret

Damage/Shot 200, 700 RED
Rate of Fire 15 RPS
Pierce 6
Ammo Capacity 240
Maximum Range 5m
Damage Type ThermalicoThermal
Purchase Price cannot be purchased
Sell Price $800, $4000 RED
Single DPS [?] 3000, 10500 RED
"The MK V uses a combination of white phosphorus and molecular thermite. Incineration is almost instant on all but the most heat resistant targets"
―Official Description

The Ronson MK V Flame Turret is a ThermalicoThermal turret introduced in SAS: Zombie Assault 4, made by the Ronson company. Since it has a high rate of fire and good damage and pierce, it is a mass killer. The MK V can instantly take down Shamblers, Runners and Stalkers, Bloaters, and can even take an entire Devastator, Necrosis, or a Savage Regurgitator alone, making it especially useful against zombies or bosses that don't have thermal resistance. It is extremely lethal to bosses, except the Wicker and the Thermal Spawn Necrosis. Unfortunately, the MK V's high ROF causes it to waste ammunition, and as it cannot be purchased, it won't last long and can't be easily replaced, so make sure to make it count when you deploy it.


  • The Black Ronson MK V Flame turret doesn't exist.