Special Forces armor

RED Special Forces set

BLACK Special Forces set

"Rated 7A for bullet proofness, explosives, cuts, stabs, and impacts. Provides medium level protection from heat and toxic sources too."
―Official Description

Rubicon Industries' Special Forces armor set is probably the fourth or fifth one the player will encounter in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. The pieces in this sereis have decent statistics. Players are advised to replace their Kevlar and Trooper sets with this set as soon as possible because of its higher stats in all 3 damage types (unless the lower level armor is better due to augments).



When the player wears the full set, these are the base stats they have:

  • PhysicalicoPhysical: 430, 834 RED
  • ThermalicoThermal: 155, 360 RED
  • ChemicalicoChemical: 76, 270 RED


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