SAS Soldiers are placeable units in SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense that can be used to fight the zombies. The player can chose from between either Machine Gunners or Snipers by placing them on rooftops or the streets. When knocked out of commission, they let out a loud yell which can notify the player that a SAS Soldier has been knocked out.

Machine Gun SAS


The MG SAS is a very useful unit to place on both rooftops and the ground. Place them in corners or high traffic areas to soften up zombies for your main guns. While weak to begin with, an MG with a Grendel and three freeze grenades can take a Ruin out by himself.


Base Cost: $200

Ground combat specialist armed with a MP5 provides effective but limited enemy suppression.

SAS MG 1.1

10mm version shoots further and hits harder.

SAS MG 2.1
Stopping Power—$250

Fast burn propellant hits harder and does more damage.

SAS MG 1.2

Special forces assault rifle heavy variant provides crowd control capability to a single well-positioned soldier.

SAS MG 2.2
Steady Aim—$250

Ported barrels and muzzle brakes increase effective range.

SAS MG 1.3

Belt fed 7.62 machine gun increases damage and range.

SAS MG 2.3

Prototype exoframe nearly doubles direct contact survivability.

SAS MG 1.4

Freehand .50 Cal heavy machine gun eviscerates zombies and looks commando doing it.

SAS MG 2.4

Adrenaline and painkillers effectively makes damage disappear over time.

SAS MG done
M41-A Grendel—$14,000 (400 SAS Cash to unlock)

12.7mm full auto caseless destructive savagery.

Sniper SAS


Your Sniper SAS are armed with the latest in long-range weaponry, they are most useful when targeting the strongest of zombies and are wonderful at stopping any Shadows that make it past your defenses.

Sniper SAS
Base cost: $500

Standard issue sniper rifle send bullets through 2 zombies.

SAS Sniper 1.1

A2 stability upgrades increase damage and penetration.

SAS Sniper 2.1
Free Float Barrel—$200

Reduces sway, increases range and damage.

SAS Sniper 1.2

Improved telescopics, cartridge, and compensators increases range, rate of fire, and penetration.

SAS Sniper 2.2
Rapid Reload—$250

Faster reload, faster firing.

SAS Sniper 1.3

Anti vehicle 12.7 gun can punch right through the big guys.

SAS Sniper 2.3

 Hard Case—$500

Cupronickel jackets go clean through another couple of targets.

SAS Sniper 1.4

Huge caliber single shot hand cannon - massive damage and pierce.

SAS Sniper 2.4

Adrenaline and painkiller effectively makes damage disappear over time.

SAS Sniper done
M.A.D Systems One-Point-Oh—$25,000 (400 SAS Cash to unlock)

Ridiculously over powered semi-auto cannonette.

Tips and Tricks

It's important to remember that if you place any SAS unit on the ground, all zombies will attack them as they pass by. This can be helpful because you can place them off to the side of your paths as roadblocks or distractions.

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