A Sofa is an object found in many missions in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It can be destroyed by shooting at it, but will always block players' and zombie movement, destroyed or not.

It must be destroyed in the mission VIP to get the Redecorator achievement.

The Sofa only has two stages of destruction: normal, and ripped.


Have a seat 2

Zombies attracted to crates will bypass this as seen with the bloater on the right

  • With the addition of the Space Resort Contract map, the opportunity to kill while/or evading zombies with ease came with the addition of the sofa shown in the picture. As long as you stay behind the left side armrest or in the bush the zombies will continuously attack the sofa and leave you out of harms way. Spitter's acid and Dark Minions can still reach you however. Although this is a useless feature in Ammo Recovery, Data Retrieval and Support Weapons Shipment, it can be very useful as a retreating area in Zombie Hotspot if your defenses/offenses aren't strong enough and you're low on hp, or a nice AFK area for when you're waiting for the Equipment Salvage timer to run out.