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Spaceskin mobile

The Spaceskin logo in the mobile version

"A company dedicated to manufacturing equipment for planetary exploration, Spaceskin is renowned for its high manufacturing standards and for the dependability and versatility of their gear. They are most well known for their Graphene armor series, which protects the wearer from anything and everything they might find while exploring uncharted territory."
―Official description

Spaceskin is armor developer that makes armor pieces with same resistance in all three types. Even though the defense is spread out, it still has very good overall defense, but it is not recommended for use if it lacks augments.

Its design is simple, smooth, dark blue. The RED versions will change color of whole thing to dark red, and everything except leggings and gloves will have a red arrow in the middle. The black versions are just plain black. Ever since a recent update, the Graphene armour set has received a high buff from defense augments to make it useful.


Spaceskin Graphene Series

Graphene Armor Full set

Full set Graphene

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