Graphene Armor Full set

RED Graphene set

BLACK Graphene set

The Spaceskin Graphene Series is the only series manufactured by Spaceskin. They are unique compared to other armors because they have an equal amount of resistance to all damage and gives minor buffs in movement speed, revive speed, max energy, max health and its regen, and CQC. At the same time, they are very expensive to augment when the RED and Selection 004 variants appear later in the game.



  • This set of armor covers the whole body and its helmet appears to be a respirator. This possibly implies that the set is designed to operate in the vacuum of space, underwater, or in hazardous environments. This may also explain the equal resistance to all damage types.
  • According to Wikipedia, graphene is an alltrope of carbon in the form of a two dimensional hexagonal lattice in which one atom forms each vertex. In easier words, it's a single-atom sheet of carbon that make hexagon pattern. Graphene has an unusually high tensile strength and is around 200 times stronger than the strongest steel known to man. This, as a result explains why this armor is so expensive to augment and is very rare, as graphene is a rare material, produced in microscopic amounts via the use of graphite applications such as pencils, etc.