SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Manufacturer
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Teknoboom mobile

Manufactures Weapons and Turrets
Design Pattern Metallic, yellow-coloured
"All about engineering excellence and simple designs, Teknoboom have a reputation for beautiful and functional weapons. They have been awarded several military supply contracts for their heavy weapons and rocket guns."
―Official Description

Teknoboom is a weapon company in SAS: Zombie Assault 4 that specializes in making explosive weapons. It produces 4 weapons, along with 3 premium weapons. They also produce the Flugkörper turret.

The overall design of Teknoboom weapons are linear with most weapon frames being boxy with sharp angles, and the color is mainly yellow. The RED versions will have darker color in the shadowy area. The Jagdfaust will have a bright red glow instead of blue.

Teknoboom weapons all have German names, with some of their weaponry sporting a "T" prefix followed by a dash and a number.



  • Original NinjaKiwi design notes.
  • Teknoboom only creates explosive weapons making it the only company specialized in one type of weapons.
    • This setting of only-explosive weapon manufacturing company is awfully similar to another manufacturer from another game that is also placed in the far future of 29th century, although overall aesthetics are widely different.