SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Turret
- Teknoboom Flugkörper -



-BLACK- Teknoboom Flugkoper

Damage/Shot 1200, 3000 RED
Rate of Fire 1 RPS
Pierce 2m Blast Radius
Ammo Capacity 40
Maximum Range 6m
Damage Type PhysicalicoPhysical
Purchase Price cannot be purchased
Sell Price $800, $4000 RED
Single DPS [?] 1200, 3000 RED

The Teknoboom Flugkörper is a dual-pod missile turret that shoots missiles with a moderate blast radius. It is useful against groups of weaker zombies, although it can also inflict significant damage on single targets. A Ronson Cryogenics Turret next to it is recommended for easier targeting. 

The only disadvantage of the Teknoboom Flugkörper is its ammo capacity of 40 which can get used up quickly when dealing with large swarms of weaker zombies. Also, when encountering faster targets, it can take a while to lock on to them and shoot.


  • The word "Flugkörper" literally means flying body, or projectile, in German.
  • The design of this turret bears some resemblance to the MOAB Mauler of Bloons Tower Defense. In addition, both are emplaced missile launchers. The unreleased Selection 004 version of the Flugkörper resembles the MOAB Assassin, which is the upgrade directly following the MOAB Mauler.
  • The missiles are the same sprites from the Gebirgskanone.

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