SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Zombie Type
- Thermal Necrosis Spawn -

Thermal Necrosis Spawn

Savage Thermal Necro Spawn

Zombie Type: Boss
Base HP: 30,000
1,200,000 (Savage)
Turn Rate: 360°/s
Melee Damage: 1,400
14,000 (Savage)
Melee Delay: 1 sec
Melee Range: 2.2m
Ranged Attack Type: Leaves fire trail
Ranged Attack Damage: 2,000/sec ThermalicoThermal
20,000/sec ThermalicoThermal (Savage)
Resistances: 95% ThermalicoThermal
Movement Speed: 2m/s, 2.2m/s for Savage
XP Value: 0

Red Necrosis Spawns or Thermal Necrosis Spawns are highly resistant to Thermal damages and leave a trail of fire as they move. The trail of fire can be very dangerous as it has damage that is high enough to kill a player with average health or less thermal resistance. It is advised to take your distance and watch where you're going, to avoid stepping into the trail of fire or getting hit by its thermal attack. It is not considered by most players the most deadly spawn, however, especially on Survivors, where there is little space, player(s) can easily get cornered by the trail of fire if they do not kill the spawn fast enough.

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