SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- Torment -
Manufacturer [?] Rancor
Ammo Cost [?] $$$ 800 for 50
Damage/Pellet 5000
Pierce 2
Blast Radius 1m
Rate of Fire 2 RPS
Capacity 60
Reload Time 4 sec
Movement 35%
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class Rocket Launcher
Damage Type ThermalicoThermal
Approx. Drop Level 100 Prem
Single DPS [?] 10000
Pierce DPS [?] 20000
Augmented DPS [?] 40000
Ammo Used [?] Thermal Rockets
"Rancor have created a truly terrifying weapon in the Torment. White hot motes guided by nano-bots seek out targets automatically, pursuing them unerringly until incinerated."
―Official Description
Torment Topdown

The Torment is a Prem fully-automatic rocket launcher made by Rancor in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Released by Ninja Kiwi as of the 9/15/2015 patch. The Torment seems to a be a weapon intended for bossing by looking at its absurdly high base damage and low pierce for a rocket launcher. Asccording to the description, the projectiles fired by this gun home in on enemies. It is also surprisingly light for a such a powerful weapon with an unusually large capacity.

In-game, it shoots slow-moving glowing white spheres that explode when they hit zombies or obstacles. Its projectiles last forever until they hit something. If gore is on, the Torment has a 100% percent chance of gibbing if the bolts hit a zombie after its been shot. If the projectile lasts for a while after its been shot, it will burn the zombies instead. The Torment is also the first thermal damage-only weapon to have no DoT. It currently costs 400 NK coins/ Kreds or $39.99 USD to purchase, making it the most expensive Prem weapon in the game, along with the CM 000 Kelvin, Zerfallen, and the HIKS 888 CAW. Torment appears in the store along with Zerfallen and CM Proton Arc.


  • The bolts shot by the Torment bear a resemblance to the rays shot by the Temple of the Vengeful Monkey in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile and Bloons Monkey City; both are other games by Ninja Kiwi.
  • This gun, along with the Vitriol, are the only Rancor weapons with a different skull design.
  • Unlike most weapons made by Rancor, Torment doesn't have any Rancor-styled skull logo but a drawing of a real skull with flame instead.