SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Zombie Type
- Toxic Necrosis Spawn -

Toxic Necro Spawn

Savage Toxic Necro Spawn

Zombie Type: Boss
Base HP: 30,000
1,200,000 (Savage)
Turn Rate: 360°/s
Melee Damage: 1,000
20,000 (Savage)
Melee Delay: 2, 3 sec
3 sec (Savage)
Melee Range: 2.2m
Ranged Attack Type: Spits acidic pool
Ranged Attack Damage: 2,000/sec ChemicalicoChemical
Ranged Attack Delay: 3.3 sec
3 sec (Savage)
Resistances: 95% ChemicalicoChemical
Movement Speed: 2.5m/sec
XP Value: 0

Toxic Necrosis Spawn is one of the Necrosis Spawns with Chemical resistance. It is able to shoot acid that makes acid puddle that functions like Spitter's acid, but much stronger. It is considered by most players to be the easiest spawn, as it only has a melee attack and a small acid ranged attack. It is known to sometimes lag out in the mobile version and freeze in position.

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