Loading Screen for Zomb-o-Mart.

Zomb-o-Mart is the 10th map in SAS: Zombie Assault 3 for mobile devices, available in the North American region. It is a rundown shopping mall that is so far the biggest map in the game, downloading at 2.9 MB.

The current strategy is to stay in the right side of the room, and place Sentry guns in a circle. You then can keep moving and lead the Zombies in a "conga line" while constantly shooting. The recommended weapon for this map is an MP5 for lower levels and any other SMG or AR for higher levels. A Nitro Express .600 is good for this level as you can fire and run at the same time, taking down long lines of zombies. With multiplayer, a good tactic is to have each person take a quadrant and have Sentry guns in a circle to clean up straggler zombies, and to help with the end of round clean up.

This is the tenth map in the North American Region of the game and is speculated to be the last in this region. This map is hard to handle alone because of its sheer size and should be played with friends for best luck. AP rounds are recommended for this map as zombies will form lines. This map is not known to be playable on Apocalypse mode (in multiplayer) or any other game mode but Onslaught. In single player it is available for for Apocalypse. It doesn't appear to be integrated into Daily Missions. North America isn't available until Rank 10. So far it is not believed to have to been unlocked at any separate level or mission stage, aside from having to be downloaded.

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