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Zombies from SAS: Zombie Assault 3.

Zombies, sometimes known as the Walking Dead, are animated corpses and are the main enemies in the SAS: Zombie Assault series. They have come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and types throughout the SAS: ZA series, but they all share one thing in common: a seemingly strong hatred for SAS soldiers. If needed, zombies will break barricades and any other obstacles to get the SAS soldiers.

The story behind these zombies is not clear. According to SAS: Zombie Assault 3, they seem to be the result of some lab experiment. However, since there's no defined chronology and since the appearances of zombies vary from game to game, this may only account for one strain.

In SAS: Zombie Assault 4, the zombie outbreak has reached digital ways of infection, infecting computers and adding them to the already mighty force of zombies.

SAS: Zombie AssaultEdit

In the original SAS: Zombie Assault, zombies come in six forms. The first two seem to be variations of the Swarmer. A third zombie exists which is categorized by its large size and pink-red skin, and may be a Butcher. The fourth is a Lich-like enemy. The fifth is a smaller, Skeleton that is summoned by the Lich. The last type is a Skeleton that appears to be the skeleton of a bat.

SAS: Zombie Assault 2Edit

In SAS: Zombie Assault 2 the Swarmer, Skeleton, and Butcher make a reappearance. Like in the first Zombie Assault there are two different types of Swarmers; one average, blue-shirt kind, and a faster green type. The game also adds three more types of zombies, which are the Choker and a Sprinter-like zombie. The third is one that appears less often, and is much more deadly. It looks like it is an old man and has a brown shirt. It extends its tongue to attack, and is much tougher than the other two. The previously-mentioned Sprinter-like zombie is like the Sprinter from Zombie Assault 3, but larger, and can shoot projectiles. It appears that when they are around (appear in a wave), every zombie killed comes back as a skeleton (thus effectively doubling how many enemies a player has to kill).

Insane AsylumEdit

In SAS: Zombie Assault 2 Insane Asylum, the expansion to SAS: Zombie Assault 2, one new zombie makes an appearance: the Clown Zombie, whose head will explode when it reaches the player. Additionally, worms/parasites will come out of killed Butchers.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3Edit


Zombies in SAS: Zombie Assault 3.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 introduced much more variety to the endless horde. Returning enemies include the Swarmer, the Choker, the Sprinter, Butcher and the Skeleton. New enemies include the Shadow, Mamushka, Devastator, and Burrower.

Swarm Zombie: "Fairly easy to kill, but watch out for them in large numbers: they aren't called Swarm Zombies for nothing"

The average zombie. Most plentiful on every wave, uses three different skins. The stats of the swarm zombie are the base health, speed, damage, and attack rate. If left unattended, they will eventually form giant groups, which easily overrun players and destroy barricades in seconds. Near worthless threat in small group, in large groups taken down by anything that pierces (shotguns, pistols, some assault rifles, etc.). It seems like the blue-skinned one has more health but usually slower.

Sprinter: "Fast but weak"

The Sprinter is the weakest zombie in the game. Even in Purge mode, giant groups of these can be taken lightly, if running in a straight line that is. Sprinters are the fastest enemy in the game, and are faster than you if you're not wielding a pistol or good mobility SMG. Their stats would go for low health, highest speed, high attack rate, and average damage. Sprinters can be dodged if you run straight left or right, as it will catch up and attack but miss.

The most dangerous thing about these enemies is that they will kill you when you are vulnerable: reloading while being close to these will be a pain, since you have to move away from other zombies. Also, sprinters have the ability to, if you are running and you turn or go diagonal, you slow down, and this lets them hit you, or if they come from the side, since they are faster than you they will hit your side, and many of them doing this in unison or right after the other will destroy your health supply. To dodge their most dangerous attack (the side-swipe), move opposite to where they are coming from, or shoot them early.

Choker: "Tough and nasty"

Of the four basic zombies (Swarm Zombie, Sprinter, Choker, and the Skeleton), this one is the toughest. Being faster than a Swarm Zombie but slower than a Sprinter, having a rate of fire with the same stats as its speed, having the highest health of the three basic zombies, and an average damage, it takes three shots from an FN FAL to take one down. Pierce weapons are recommended the most on these than the previous two.

Butcher: "Contains a revolting, wriggly surprise"

The Butcher is the first zombie you meet with a health bar, sort of like an upgraded Choker. This zombie is the slowest of the advanced zombies (Butcher, Shadow, Mamushka, and the Devastator), has a higher than average damage percentage, an average attack rate, and more health then the Shadow, but less than a Mamushka first stage. Seems easy enough, but when killed releases 5 worms, which are faster than Skeletons but slower than Sprinters, do the lowest damage, die in one hit of anything (but have the fastest attack rate in the game) and have the ability to attack without having to stop moving. The worms can be argued as worse than Sprinters. If you reload after killing a Butcher, then 70-% of the time you will take damage from the worms. If they hoard on you, they drain your health relentlessly, since they attack while moving forward. It is advised to use a shorgun to take them down as they are very small and hard to hit.

Shadow: "Follows you relentlessly, ignoring all obstacles"

This is the third most annoying thing in the game (not including laggy zombies and purge mode). This zombie is the fastest of the advanced enemies, but is slower than worms and Sprinters, yet faster than Skeletons. They have high speed, a bit higher than average attack rate, more health than Chokers but less than Butchers, and average damage. It is a black entity, with glowing red eyes that stand out, known for just flying out of mobs of slower zombies. The Shadow earns its name though, for having a devastating ability: They can pass through walls and barricades (regardless of damage). This zombie ruins camping, as it will attack through walls. Makes you run for a small bit, but no real problem.

Mamushka: "Splits in two, then two again..."

One of the hardest zombies in the game. The smaller it gets, it attacks faster and move faster, but with same damage. only the first and second one has health bar, and the last one doesn't. The last one is the toughest to kill as it will come in numbers, and those are even faster than the worms.

Devastator: Was this thing ever human? Summons skeletons, pounds the ground to damage all nearby players or just punches you in the face.

It is recommended using a powerful weapon, such as the JKH 0.887 CAW, ZCS Wipeout, SCMITR Bio-shotgun, MK2 Sniper Rifle, or the M2A1 Flamethrower. Also, get out of it's attacking range, because the Devastator will be a problem to lower ranked players.


There is also an unnamed type of zombie that acts like a worm and travels towards you underground. It has the appearance of a green slug. They can travel towards you at a fast pace over ground, and when moving above ground, or when killed, they will leave an acid trail and it will damage you if you step in it. It is invisible to players when underground, but the radar can mark them and let players avoid it and shoot when overground.

All zombies in SAS 3 tend to noclip every now and then, mostly when going around corners.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4Edit

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 features some recurring zombies, and introduces more zombie types, as well as digital (robotic) enemies, a first for the series. Also, some zombies have buffs on them to make them even stronger and deadlier.

The main staple is the Shambler. These zombies are weak and plentiful, serving the role the Swarm Zombie did in Zombie Assault 3. A step up is the Stalker, which is faster and stronger than the Shambler, like the choker from SAS 3. After that is the aggressive Runner, which can run very fast but is defensively weak, and therefore is much like the Sprinter of SAS 3, but has more health than shamber unlike Sprinter compared to Swarm Zombies. Next there is the Spitter, which has the ability to spit as an attack, serving as a ranged attack, yet Spitters still have a melee attack like all the other zombies. Spitter's melee attacks are so weak that it's almost unnoticeable with good armors, but the puddles made by its spitting attack does significant damage, which forces the player to fall back when an acid spit is flying at them. Further, there's the Shielder, a heavily armored zombie. While killing it with overwhelming fire does work, it is much more practical to outflank it or catch it off-guard from the sides and back other than the front. It is also advised to use CM Gigavolt or Trailblazer to hit something near it to arc and hit it or make rocket launcher explode behind it rather than hitting it directly which it will most likely block.

Coming more into heavier zombies, there's the Bloater. This is the Butcher of SAS 3, being the first enemy in the game to make a return. It is just like the Butcher of former games, being notably slow, yet powerful, and releasing parasites upon death.

All of the zombies mentioned above evolve as the player levels up, becoming stronger with the player.

For minor bosses, there's the Zombdroid Servant and Zombdroid Soldier, both which are robotic units. While the Servants are above-average zombies with a good deal of damage and health, the Soldiers are more armored and possess twin weapons that they fire at the player. The Soldiers also have little bit of physical and energy resistance.

After the Bloater is the Regurgitator, which is much stronger than the Bloater. It can regurgitate parasites at any time, and automatically releases a group upon death, making it like a super-Bloater, but is classified as a boss.

For digital bosses, there's the Loaderbot and Zombie Mech. The Loaderbot is robot meant for work, but can still be controlled and commanded to attack the player. Loaderbots only appear in mission Power out in large numbers, so it is advised to use something piercing to kill them. The Zombie Mech possesses multiple weapons. In low level, it has twin cannons that does little bit stronger attack than zomboid soldiers. In later levels, it has a flamethrower on one side which it constantly fires, a rocket launcher on the other, and a laser in the middle that can pierce through boxes, but does very little damage.

Organic-infected bosses include the Wicker, a flaming creature, like a smaller Devastator, that can throw orbs of deadly, super-heated gas that sets players on fire. On death it releases fireballs in every direction. The Devastator itself is quite powerful, and while it doesn't spawn skeletons, its ground-pound technique is very powerful. The most powerful boss, the Necrosis, is fast and deadly. It attacks by launching an assortment of acid balls, spiked, ricocheting balls, and fireballs, each with their unique looks. Upon death, it splits into three Necrosis Spawns, each of which possessing a certain damage resistance (Fire, chemical, physcial).

Like evolving zombies, bosses have a stronger variant, "Savage", that is spawned in a game with very high-leveled players or in multiplayer games. Savage bosses have much more health and damage than their regular variants.


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